Fans Want Artist-Led AI Experiences 

The rise of AI has meant the explosion of AI engines in all kinds of creative fields. From music to visual art to writing, many of these generic engines are created without the consent or input of the people whose work is used to generate the new material. Artists are understandably afraid of the ways these engines threaten their creative expression and exploit their IP. But that won’t stop fans from wanting to explore the power of AI.

With Vermillio’s Trace ID™ platform, artists can track and authenticate use of their IP in AI content while controlling how it is used by fans. Vermillio’s Authenticated AI enables artists to offer fans opportunities to safely engage with their art in new and immersive ways. Through artist-led (and label-approved) AI engines, Vermillio believes in extending the creative process and deepening the already powerful connection between artists and fans. 

In November, Vermillio launched a breakthrough AI project in partnership with Sony Music, Legacy Recordings, The Orb, and David Gilmour, the guitar and voice of Pink Floyd. Powered by Vermillio’s Trace ID, the “Metallic Spheres In Colour” experience allowed superfans to create their own authentic and personalized AI track with the artists’ music and artwork remixed from portions of “Metallic Spheres In Colour,” a visionary re-interpretation of their 2010 ambient classic “Metallic Spheres.” Fans could then buy and download the unique tracks they generated along with the art. The data from “Metallic Spheres In Colour” is illuminating:

  • Over 10,000 minutes of original music was co-created by fans and artists
  • More than 5x the time spent compared to a generic AI music experience
  • The number of fans for the artists expanded 244% 
  • Superfans were willing to spend 3x the amount of money compared to a traditional download

“Metallic Spheres In Colour” clearly shows that superfans will engage more with artist-led AI experiences. Artists get the benefit of safely setting the parameters for how their art is used and fans get the benefit of a superior experience encouraged by the artists they love. Ultimately, the connection between the artists and their fans is strengthened. 

With more and more engines emerging, Vermillio is proud to lead the charge of artist-approved AI engines. We will continue working in partnership with holders of  the worlds most beloved IP – artists, creators, actors, musicians, and more – on building custom AI engines that allow fans to responsibly create using their beloved and authenticated content. 

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