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Q2 The “i” in Generative AI

Our latest update includes a refreshed mapping of the progress of different applications of generative AI, as well as our perspective on what’s next for the space.

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Vermillio has joined OMA3

We’re excited to announce that Vermillio has joined OMA3, an alliance of companies working to ensure that the metaverse is built around the principles of interoperability, standardization, and ownership.   With 40+ member companies from across the metaverse ecosystem, OMA3 strives to create a metaverse…

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The “i” in Generative AI

In our first installation, we’re taking stock of the sensational rise of the new technology: its origins and recent explosion into public awareness, the record-breaking deals funding its ascent, and the regulation that is (or isn’t) governing the space. Plus, read on for our…

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