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Fans Want Artist-Led AI Experiences 

The rise of AI has meant the explosion of AI engines in all kinds of creative fields. From music to visual art to writing, many of these generic engines are created without the consent or input of the people whose work is used to…

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The Orb and David Gilmour Launch AI Remix Project

Written by Kristin Robinson and originally published on The Orb and David Gilmour have released a new project that lets fans reimagine their own versions of Metallic Spheres in Colour, a newly released remix album from The Orb and David Gilmour, based on their 2010 ambient album Metallic…

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Issue III | The “i” in Generative AI

Looking for a comprehensive update on the state of Generative AI? Introducing the latest edition of “The i in Generative AI”! This iteration delves into the movement we are seeing in the evolving landscape. From remarkable advancements in chatbots and LLMs, to…

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Vermillio has joined OMA3

We’re excited to announce that Vermillio has joined OMA3, an alliance of companies working to ensure that the metaverse is built around the principles of interoperability, standardization, and ownership.   With 40+ member companies from across the metaverse ecosystem, OMA3 strives to create a metaverse…

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