Can blockchain solve the ownership debacle over AI generated art?

Originally appeared on CoinTelegraph, written by Savannah Fortis

As Web3 and emerging technologies such as AI continue to expand creative possibilities, questions over how to protect creative rights and arts arise.

Web3 and emerging technologies have been pushing the boundaries of art distribution, ownership and engagement with fans. However, not all of the recent developments are welcomed by the art community, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI).

Recently, AI-generated art has sparked a major debate around ownership after a smartphone app went viral, which created AI-generated portraits.

The debate around ownership of intellectual property (IP) rights is similar to those seen in the film and music industries. However, developers in the emerging tech space say blockchain technology can provide a middle for artists and AI-generated content. 

Cointelegraph spoke with Dan Neely, CEO of Vermillio, to better understand how these problems can be troubleshot in the future. Vermillio is an authenticated AI platform that connects the lineage of ownership.

Neely says authenticated AI introduces a system of automation and verification available to the public. In this instance, anyone could verify ownership and lineage rather than relying on multiple third-party sources:

“This matters not only because creators need to prove that a piece of content is their own, but because they need to authenticate the use of their digital creations.”

This falls in line with much of the outrage that is picking up steam on social media regarding AI-generated content. One artist posted a 6-tweet thread dissecting the artists against AI-art movement, calling what is happening “exploitation.”

Neely says that the art created through generative AI should not be a threat to original art, but rather they should coexist. Instead he said different markets will be created for human made art and machine-made art. Nonetheless, the legitimate questions of ownership and authenticity need to be taken seriously. 

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